1. Tolls & Parking fees will be extra according to each trip.
  2. 20% Gratuity will be added for the benefit of the drivers.
  3. All stops will be charged $15 extra per stop if in route(any
    Pickup out of the normal trip way by 5 Miles will be charged
  4. Late Pickup services between 12 am & 5 am will be charged
    $20 extra.
  5. Waiting time charges will be ($25 for the first 1/2 hour & $ 50
    for each hour) the first hour of airports pickup is free then
    waiting time will be added for any delay due to customs, gates
    availability or different delays.
  6. We usually do our best to get the update on the flights but we
    do appreciate if you update us with changes or cancellations of
    the flights .
  7. We are not responsible for any damages caused due to traffic
    delays, unfavorable weather conditions,accidents or any
    unforeseen circumstances.
  8. All airports pickup will be inside at the baggage area unless you
    request differently .
  9. Wait & returns will be based on one &half(1.5)the trip fair +$50
    an Hour for waiting.
  10. The following holidays will be charged additional $20:Easter &
    Thanksgiving day - Christmas day - New years eve & New year
    day - Memorial day -Fourth of July - Labor day.
  11. Cancellation Policy : Due to the long distances nature of a lots
    of trips ,Customers are kindly requested to inform us with the
    changes or cancellations 3 Hours ahead of time :
A) $ 20 Administrative fee for cancellations.
B) We will charge1/2 the trip fare if cancellation is only in an    
   hour time ahead of pickup time.
C) We will charge full fare if the cancellations is in less than     
    half  an hour including No Show
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